A. Walton has a good post about ubuntu's new notification system [mockups]. The mockup for sure looked shiny, but I totally disagree with the idea that you can't click on them anymore; they instead will get transparent as soon as you move the mouse near them (and they will be click-through-able).
On a second note about the action removal: While I of course agree that it is bad thing if a notification -that you could potentially miss- is the prominent (or even the only) way when a  user interaction is required, I don't get what is wrong with using actions (that includes clicking on them) as a shortcut to something.

Google food is good, frozen yogurt totally is a win and it is good to see Leslie and the rest of the cabal again. Oh and Michael coind a new phrase!

[Yes, as Jorge pointed out, my hackgotchi is totally outdated.]


  1. I agree on the notification system. It really looks nice but the idea of having application dialogs distracting the user instead of just having a simple clickable notification really sucks. I think I'm pretty much in favor of how it works at the moment, except that notifications could really look better. Somehow I doubt that this idea will actually become widely accepted, especially after having received so much skeptical feedback already in its early state.

    Frozen yogurt rocks!

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